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Veritruss is a registered (unrestricted) building company that specialises in construction, fitout and refurbishment projects in Perth, Western Australia. 


Our business philosophy revolves around trust. We believe that a trusting relationship is the keystone to any successful project, no matter the size or complexity. With trust at the forefront of our business model, our team is dedicated to adding value to your project through effective collaboration and honest communication. 

The nature of construction is highly complex & requires thorough planning, risk mitigation, technical understanding, meticulous management & attention to detail. Veritruss provide this through our depth of experience, innovative approach to problem solving, and technical expertise.  

Our team has diverse and extensive expierence across all key sectors, including: 

-      Commercial

-      Education

-      Government

-      Healthcare

-      Hospitality

-      Retail


The name “VERITRUSS” is an amalgamation of the words “VERITAS” (Latin for truth) and "TRUSS" (a supporting structure)

Veritruss is a company built on truth and trusting relationships with a strong support and foundation. 

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Terry is a registered building practitioner that has developed a strong reputation in the Perth market for his outcome-focused approach to project management. Terry brings over 10+ years experience and a wealth of knowledge, having successfully delivered an extensive portfolio of commercial projects throughout his career.  

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​Ivan brings over 6+ years experience within the Perth construction industry, having played an integral role in the delivery of an extensive range of commercial & government projects. Ivan specialises in project delivery, with a meticulous approach to project management, contract administration and procurement.

Contract Administrator

John plays a key role within the project delivery team with his focus on providing overall 
support with project delivery, procurement, contract administration & project coordination. 
John is a driven professional with a diverse range of project experience in both Architecture & Construction.

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We listen to understand. We listen to our clients to understand what matters to them and why it matters. Understanding our clients allows us to meet and exceed their requirements and expectations.


People are our strength. We invest deeply in our people as we believe they are the foundation of our business. We embrace challenges, think proactively, act honestly, and we love what we do!​


Our business has a win-win philosophy. We value genuine and meaningful relationships throughout the supply chain, ensuring that we have the necessary support and resources to deliver amazing spaces. 


Safety doesn’t happen by accident, we make it happen. The importance of safety is ingrained in our culture and is our highest priority. We have systems in place to ensure we maintain a ’zero harm’ workplace.  


Quality is not an act, it’s a habit. Veritruss places an emphasis on Quality Assurance and have established an intricate Quality Management System, with processes and procedures developed to consistently deliver high quality products and services.